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When it comes to recovery from substance abuse, you may be at a loss as to where you can turn to get the addiction recovery treatment you need. Part of this is a byproduct of addiction itself: the ongoing cravings for your substance of choice can obfuscate the path to recovery. Fortunately, that’s why we offer our services. No matter how you became entrenched in addiction, we’re here to help you find your way out, and achieve your recovery goals. At the Greenfield Behavioral Health Caldwell, Idaho substance abuse treatment center, we’re ready to provide you with the assistance of which you are in need.


You’ll begin by answering questions during an intake interview. This will allow our friendly and helpful staff to begin to determine how to best provide you with an addiction recovery plan that will get you the specific, targeting care you need. Addiction recovery is much more efficient and effective when it is customized to fit your unique needs. By taking this information into account, we can provide clients with a plan for recovery that is much more effective than a standardized treatment plan. You don’t deserve to have the same, pre-designed plan for treatment as every other client in the facility. At our Caldwell, Idaho drug rehab center, we provide each client with customized care.


Once you and your addiction counsellor have reviewed your tentative recovery plan, and you are satisfied with the stated recovery goals, you’ll proceed to the first stage of recovery. Generally, this is supervised detoxification. At our Caldwell, Idaho drug addiction treatment center, we always ensure that each client has supervision throughout the detox process. Our drug detox clinic is fully staffed by friendly and helpful professionals, and they’ll always be there to administer essential treatments and provide a listening ear. We can’t promise that the symptoms of withdrawal will be completed eradicated, but our staff will be on hand around the clock to offer you emotional support and to mitigate the symptoms of withdrawal as completely as possible.


After you’ve completed detox, you’ll move on to intensive therapy. During this stage, you’ll take part in group therapy. This might seem daunting, but many of our clients come to find that group therapy becomes one of their favorite aspects of our addiction recovery program. The support and wisdom imparted by your peers can be an absolutely integral element of your recovery. Truth be told, many of our client end up forming sober support systems on the foundation provided by these group therapy sessions. In addition, you’ll also take part in individual therapy sessions, during which you’ll discuss any issue you desire under the promise of confidentiality.


When you complete the program at our Caldwell, Idaho addiction recovery facility, we’ll provide you with a customized aftercare treatment plan. This will ensure that you can continue to maintain your recovery goals even after you’ve left our rehab. Greenfield Behavioral Health is here to help you face your addiction and come out on top. When you’re ready for recovery, reach out and get in touch!