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If you or someone you love needs addiction treatment, we are here for you. At first using drugs was just for pain management or anxiety. Then, somehow, the situation got out of control. Maybe it started with painkillers, maybe you thought recreational use wouldn’t lead to addiction. How do you get off this cycle of addiction? Take a closer look at our substance abuse treatment facility in Greensboro, North Carolina. Greenfield Behavioral Health drug rehab centers are available to help you in regain the sobriety and freedom you need in your life to be happy and fulfilled.



Detox with Professional Help at Our Addiction Recovery Program



Some individuals try to stop using their drug of choice by themselves. They don’t realize how uncomfortable and sometimes even dangerous addiction withdrawal can be. Don’t proceed through the drug detoxing experience alone. Our detox clinic and drug rehab facility in Greensboro has the professional staff and help required to guide you gently through the detox process. The site is safe and secure and will protect you from outside influences while you get sober. Sympathy and tough love, in combination with the know-how, will help you succeed in the initial phase of healing from your drug addiction.

Addiction recovery remains an achievable goal. Once you get through your time in detox, your system will be clear and refreshed. You will then be ready for counseling to help you stay off drugs indefinitely.




Therapy and Dual Diagnosis at Our Addiction Recovery Center



Our treatment program stands apart and above others because we offer dual diagnosis treatment. Not only will you receive assistance to become sober from drugs, you will also have the opportunity to get to know yourself and your needs better.


What is dual diagnosis treatment? Dual diagnosis deals with those who are diagnosed with a mental illness as well as drug dependency. If you have schizophrenia, depression, bipolar disorder, personality disorders, or anxiety disorders, these disorders may be influencing your desire to self-medicate with drugs. It helps to treat both problems at the same time. Once a mental disorder is properly treated, an addiction disorder can be more successfully treated, too. Our addiction recovery facility in Greensboro is ready and able to treat both mental illness and addictive disorders, giving our clients a complete treatment experience.


Along with dual diagnosis care, our addiction treatment center also utilizes individual and group therapies to better understand clients and their needs. Group therapy is a crucial part of treatment. Clients can understand each other’s needs and reasons for addiction and help each other get sober. Clients who have been working a program for some time can aid new clients and support them in their journey to sobriety. Clients work together as a positive support community, using experience and expertise to help each other grow. The staff helps clients face their fears and work through any problems they may have.




Aftercare at our Greensboro Addiction Recovery Facility



Recovery continues after the initial treatment is complete. New habits must be developed when the client returns to life outside the treatment facility. Excellent drug rehab programs like ours continue to assist their clients for some time after they have completed their program. Aftercare is a crucial aspect of a total recovery plan, as temptations will need to be faced in daily life. Continued counseling, advice, and group support can help you or someone you care about continue to live a drug-free life long after the initial treatment experience has passed.


If you or someone you know could benefit from addiction treatment and help from our recovery program, contact Greenfield Behavioral Health today. Our addiction treatment facility in Greensboro, North Carolina stands ready to help you get your life and sobriety back.