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Greenfield Behavioral Health drug rehab centers offers a system of supervised detox, therapy, and aftercare to our clients. No matter how long an individual may have been using drugs or what drugs they have used, our expert staff possesses the skill set and know how to relate to what a person may be going through during their addiction recovery.

Some people use drugs recreationally. Others first use drugs as medication. Sometimes they like how they feel and feel compelled to keep taking drugs long after the original pain or anxiety source is gone. Or perhaps they don’t have any idea how to deal with the stresses they feel. No matter how a client started using drugs, we are confident we can help them begin working toward recovery.

Detox and Drug Withdrawal at Our Addiction Recovery Program

Our addiction treatment center offers a secure setting for safe detox and counseling. Our drug detox clinic remains one of the best places in Columbia, Tennessee to get the addictive chemicals from one’s system. Drug detox is a complicated, serious business for anyone to deal with. We offer a secure addiction treatment facility with monitored drug withdrawal and detox to help our clients safely get off the drugs they’ve been using. Supervision is strict but helpful. Once the initial detox period is complete, and a person’s mind is clearer, they can proceed to counsel and therapy.

Self-Discovery through Counseling

Supervision and security are key in keeping our clients safe and drug-free. Without the regular temptation of their drug of choice, our clients can discover and work on any personal problems or factors that may have contributed to their drug use and abuse. Some individuals begin using drugs either recreationally or to self-medicate an undiagnosed mental health issue.

Once these mental health issues are controlled, a person can better deal with their drug addiction. Diagnosing and treating a co-occurring mental health issue along with treating a drug abuse disorder is referred to as dual diagnosis mental health treatment. Our skilled staff is trained to apply dual diagnosis in our clients with these types of issues. Once an individual is thinking clearly, they are better equipped to deal with their addiction.

Counseling comes in two forms at our addiction treatment center. Individual counselors are available to consult with our clients on issues that may be holding them back in their recovery and can offer positive suggestions to get clients moving in a more positive direction in their lives. In individual counseling, a deep bond can be formed between counselor and client, enabling deep trust and sharing.

Group counseling is another type of therapy available at our substance abuse treatment facility. People in treatment are especially equipped to help others suffering from the same addictive diseases. A community of care, trust, and support is available during these meeting. Group counseling remains a primary source of healing and recovery

Aftercare at our Drug Rehab Facility

Addiction recovery center treatment doesn’t last forever. Eventually, the client must be prepared to successfully re-enter society. Preparations are made for aftercare before an individual’s discharge from our addiction recovery facility. Our clients have a mental tool box full of coping skills that will help them go out to a new life without needing to lean on drugs for support. Successful life during aftercare relies a great deal on using further counseling and group counseling support. Aid is available during times of crisis, or to help prevent a crisis from occurring.

Don’t wait for tomorrow to decide to get help for your drug problems or the drug problems of a loved one. Contact Greenfield Behavioral Health in Columbia, Tennessee today for more information and start your journey to sobriety today.